Thursday, September 18, 2008

Primary Childrens Cafeteria

Last night, Amy and Jarred had a little bit of a scare with Lincoln, so they decided to take him to Primary Children's Hospital to get things checked out. Don't worry - he's okay, it was just a pretty bad case of acid reflux, which he'll hopefully grow out of soon. Lincoln is feeling much better today after getting some medicine in him.

Last night, at the hospital. Poor little guy, I just wanted to snuggle him. :(
Today, all drugged up. Funny, I still want to snuggle him. :)
Anyway, it was really sad last night and I'm so happy he's feeling better today, but that's not the reason for this post. Nope. I actually wanted to tell you how great the cafeteria is at the Primary Children's Hospital.

My first real experience with this cafeteria was a couple of months ago when my niece, Jaycee, had to stay at the PCH for about a week. I visited her at night after work and while I was there, naturally, I got hungry, so I went down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I was instantly hooked. The salad bar, chocolate ice cream and french fries are just spectacular! The next day I decided to visit Jaycee for lunch. I went up to her room, said hello and asked what everyone wanted for lunch, then I went downstairs to get the whole crew some lunch. That's how it went everyday for the next week. I ate 2, sometimes 3 meals a day at the PCH Cafeteria and I never got sick of it.

It was a bitter-sweet time for me when Jaycee got better and was able to leave the hospital. On the one hand, I was extremely happy that she was healthy again, but on the other hand I kind of wished that I still had a reason to visit the PCH.

Last night, as morbid as this may sound, I got a little excited when Amy told me she was taking Lincoln to the PCH. I know, I know - I'm a horrible person!

Of course I was concerned for little Lincoln and I didn't want him to be sick, but it's just the truth, I was excited to go to my favorite cafeteria. As soon as I got there, Jaycee and I headed off to get some dinner. It's not as if I'm alone in this love for the cafeteria either. Jaycee was excited because I told her she could have whatever she wanted as long as she picked at least 2 healthy items. Jarred was happy because the fries and the mozzarella sticks really are superb. Amy was relieved because for about an hour she didn't have to worry about Jaycee going stir crazy and bouncing all over the hospital room. And Bekah? Oh boy! :)

Now, for all you mothers out there: I really hope your kids are perfectly healthy and never need the services of the PCH. However, in case they do (heaven forbid) and you find yourself in need of a food delivery person, please call me, I am 100% happy to help in that department.

(I may have just gone too far with that one, but oh well, just putting it out there.)

2 reader comments:

The Stubbs said...

Okay Bekah let me tell you that many many hours of mine were spent as a student and a nurse at that cafeteria. We used to make the long walk from the U of U hospital just to have french fries from there! It is an amazing place worthy of a blog!

Juli said...

I like reading your blog, you are a funny writer. I'm glad Lincoln is ok. If I move back to Utah and take my kids to PCH, I'll make sure to call you.