Monday, October 19, 2009

Forrest Gump, You Can Suck It!

A representative from Sees Candies stopped by the office the other day. She gave me a 1 pound box of chocolates for free in hopes that it would persuade me to buy chocolates for all of our clients for the holidays.
Getting free chocolates, yeah, that's pretty cool. However, here is the problem with Sees Chocolates - they don't come with a little chocolate guide. I really like knowing what kind of chocolate I am committing to before I take the initial bite. It's one of the worst feelings in the world when you bite into a chocolate that looks like it could be filled with caramel but instead it has that pink crap in it. When that happens, I usually spit out the entire thing only to regret it later because I could have eaten the chocolate around the pink crap. It's very troubling.
I have decided that from now on I only want the kind of chocolates that come with a guide. No more of this ". . . You never know what your gonna get" nonsense! That might have been true back in the 50's or whenever Forrest's mom said that, but now, in this day of extreme convenience, we have the technology to determine what the hell kind of candy we are getting ourselves into.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have many titles. Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Office Manager, Assistant, Trip Planner Extraordinaire . . . to name a few. As of last Thursday you can add one more to that list:

Home Owner

That's right! Last week I bought my very first home. It's a cute little condo in Bountiful and I love it! :) I have big plans for this place. Hopefully I'll be able to actually act on those plans in about a year, after I'm no longer "down payment poor". :)

Here are some pictures:

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom



Living Room

Bathroom 2

Bedroom 2