Thursday, July 23, 2009

What makes you happy?

For me, of course it's the usual - family, friends, church.
But what about the completely selfish things -
the things that you never hear people bearing their testimonies about?
I'll show you some of mine, if you'll tell me one of yours. :)

The Google homepage brought me instant joy today.
I truly am a geek to the core, but it's okay because I believe you are too.


I just purchased a Sony Bravia 52 inch HDTV and I absolutely love it!! About a month ago I bought a smaller Vizio. It was a nice tv but I was never fully satisfied with it. I just had this feeling of regret every time I watched it. So - on Monday of this week, I packaged up the Vizio, returned it to the store and bought this one instead. Sure it was more expensive, but I feel so much better about this purchase. I got the tv I actually wanted instead of wasting my money on a smaller more practical tv.

My friends, Craig and Nicole, recently introduced me to this show. Others have tried to get me to watch it, but for some reason I just wasn't interested until now. And guess what - I love it!! Here are a few of my favorite dances from this season, do yourself a favor and watch them. Pronto!


This new shopping cart has made grocery shopping so much easier for me. And, as it turns out, easier things make me happy. :) I love the slim design, the easy top basket access and the turning radius. Sometimes I'll do a 360 in the middle of an aisle, not because I have to but simply because I can. I realize this cart is not for everyone. It's not practical if you have kids, or need to feed 50 people, but for me - it's perfect! :)