Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Sound of Music . . .

. . . that's all I want!
For about a year now I have had a broken stereo in my Jeep and it completely sucks! I absolutely love singing in the car. It feels natural to me to sing as loud as I can, but when it's just me in the car, listening to my iPod and other people can't hear the music - I look like a total freak and then I get embarrassed. Also - having music in your car while driving with other people are with you is some what essential. It can fill the awkward silence in a lull of conversation. Lucky for me, however, my friends are awesome and they'll just start singing even without music. So I only have to worry about that with new people.

Now, you might be asking - why is your stereo broken?

Don't worry, I will tell you. ( . . . even if it makes this post too long for Adam to read.)

During the Summer I like to take the top off of my Jeep, Hank, and during those 3.5 months I usually only put it back on in cases of extreme rainstorms. If it rains a little, no big deal, Hank has been through worse just by driving through some puddles.

However, last Summer we got one of those freak rainstorms comparable to a monsoon. I was fast asleep in my bed when the rain started. I remember waking up and thinking - maybe I should go put the top up - but sleep caught me again. Then around 3:00 am Mary came running into my room saying there was something wrong with Hank. I immediately jumped out of bed and ran outside. It was still pouring and I was getting completely drenched but I had to find out what was wrong. The stereo was going bazerk! The car was turned off but the lights on the stereo were flashing as if the car was turned on. It freaked me out a little so I tried pushing some buttons but nothing happened. Finally, I just took the face off the stereo. I figured the problem was fixed, so I just went back inside and back to sleep.

I gave it a couple of days to dry out then I tried it, but no, it didn't work. It's been broken ever since.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to get around to fixing it, but that's what I tried to do last night. I took out the old stereo and installed a new one only to find out that one of the wires was completely dead. So now, not even the new stereo works. Now, I'll have to rip out the entire dash to find out where that wire is bad so I can try to fix it. Ugh!

If any of you are experts in the art of car stereos - I could use your assistance please.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Beetle

Real Time Update!

There is a ginormous beetle in my office right now. I tried to catch it in a cup but every time I get close to it, it runs away and then I get scared and jump up on my chair. Then my bosses laugh at me. This has happened five times already, and no, not one of them has offered to get the beetle for me, they are having too much fun laughing at me for that. I really, really hate bugs - they freak me all the way out. You know the scene in Temple of Doom where Kate Capshaw has to walk through all of the bugs and they get in her hair and crawl all over her? Yeah - I hate that part.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dude Lunch?

My bosses and I ordered lunch in today.

I'm so happy Jimmy Johns delivers - I feel like it really adds to my favored lazy-lifestyle.

So - John, Jim and I were sitting in the kitchen enjoying our lunch together when Jim asked me "What did you order? That looks good!"

I responded "I got the Totally Tuna on Whole Wheat and it IS good! I added bacon to the sandwich. Bacon makes everything better."

I got a chuckle from Jim. John, however, had this to say - "Now that's a DUDE sandwich!" and he gave me an approving smirk.

I have to admit - I really didn't think that anything involving tuna was considered a Dude Sandwich - but I was proud of myself none-the-less. I can't always finish my Dude Sandwiches, but I'm sure glad I know how to order one. :)

. . .

Now can I tell you about a pet-peeve?
I really hate it when you offer to order lunch from Jimmy Johns and someone, orders a Turkey Tom. Then when it arrives, he says to you, with a smug look on his face "This better be good." Then when he unwraps the Turkey Tom sandwich he complains that "There sure isn't a lot of meat on here! You know I like my sandwiches with a lot of meat!"

First of all - No, I wasn't aware that you like your sandwiches with a lot of meat. I assumed that when I handed you the menu and you circled the sandwich and crossed out sprouts - that's what you wanted.

Secondly - Why is it always the orderer's fault if the meal is unsatisfactory to the consumer? I didn't make the sandwich. I just ordered a Turkey Tom without sprouts.

and Third - Shut up!

That is all.

ps - Jimmy Johns - I heart you! You add the perfect amount of meat for my sandwich. Thanks! :)