Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Saddest Day . . . Part Three

The boys at the Big O Tire shop were so impressed, fifty bucks per tire really was a steal of a deal. We quickly became friends as we talked about our super cool jeeps and the places we'd been. I didn't feel it was necessary to explain that I was too big of a pansy-ass to ever get in the driver’s seat and was constantly a passenger in my own vehicle. No, no, it wasn't necessary at all, it would just break they’re poor little hearts. The boys and I discussed strategy as to where I should put the new BFG tires. We ended up putting both of them on the rear axle and replacing the spare with one of the Goodyears. I drove away with my head held high and a smirk on my proud face as the Big O boys waved goodbye.

These new tires felt great! After driving on the teeny-tiny 33”spare for a couple of days, it was nice to feel level again. I still had three tires in the back seat of my Jeep. One of the tires was my “new” spare that was waiting for the day when I would finally put it where it belongs on the tire swing. My old spare was in there too – and even though I had no use for it, I decided to keep it around just in case one of my siblings ever needed it. But I had no idea what I was going to do with that awful All-Terrain Big Foot. Since I am a Mud-Terrain purist, even the site of that disgusting thing made me cringe. I wanted it out of my jeep as quickly as possible. But how? I suddenly got a wonderful idea – I’ll sell it! – yes, what a perfect idea.

My good friend, Brittney Bell Thompson, had mentioned a few weeks earlier that she was planning a pot-luck garage sale and that I was supposed to bring something to sell. I had been racking my brain for days trying to think of something to sell. Brittney suggested selling some of my beloved shoes. Blasphemous! Right?!! Well, calm down, it’s not her fault. She didn't know that I had already purged forty pairs of shoes from my collection last fall. (*Explanation to come in a future post.*) It was perfect timing. I needed something to sell and I just happened upon an extra $150 tire that I got for “free”. I immediately called Brittney to tell her the good news. However, Brittney was not as excited as I was. She didn't really want to try to sell a stupid tire, no matter how much I talked it up. She agreed, though, and a few days later it was sitting in her parents’ drive-way with a $5 sticker on it.

The day after the garage sale, Brittney called me to let me know how much money I had made from the ugly tire. A big, fat Nothin! The tire did not sell. That wretched tire was still at the Bells house, causing them grief. I felt horrible and offered to come pick it up right away but Brittney insisted that it wasn't a big deal and offered to dispose of it for me.

A few weeks passed and not one thought of that stupid tire had even entered my mind. I attended a holiday BBQ at Brittney’s house and was having a nice conversation with her mother, Holly. She asked me how work was going and I reciprocated the question, and then Holly says to me “So, is that your [ugly] tire that has been dumped on the side of my house?” I was mortified! Holly’s house is immaculately beautiful and the thought of that insipid tire perched up against the garage wall, practically vandalizing their property, was just too embarrassing for me to handle. If I had only known that it was still there, I would have come weeks ago to pick it up. I told Holly I was sorry and that I would take care of it as soon as I could.

A few days later I hauled my brother-in-law, Jarred (aka best brother-in-law in the whole world) over to the Bell’s house to retrieve the hideous tire. I would have called first, but I didn't know their home phone number and Brittney wasn't being to hasty in her response from my text asking for it. So I just showed up unannounced. Cory, Brittney’s dad, answered the door and I cheerfully stated that I was here to pick up the pitiful excuse for a tire that had taken up residency on the side of their home. I really did slather on the cheer because it was apparent that I was interrupting some much need relaxation time. But, being the nice guy he is, Cory showed me around to the side of the house where Jarred and I extracted the dreadful tire.

We loaded it up and on the way back to Jarred’s house, somehow, I miraculously convinced him to take the tire.

Finally! I was rid it!

Or so I thought . . .

To be continued . . .

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Primary Childrens Cafeteria

Last night, Amy and Jarred had a little bit of a scare with Lincoln, so they decided to take him to Primary Children's Hospital to get things checked out. Don't worry - he's okay, it was just a pretty bad case of acid reflux, which he'll hopefully grow out of soon. Lincoln is feeling much better today after getting some medicine in him.

Last night, at the hospital. Poor little guy, I just wanted to snuggle him. :(
Today, all drugged up. Funny, I still want to snuggle him. :)
Anyway, it was really sad last night and I'm so happy he's feeling better today, but that's not the reason for this post. Nope. I actually wanted to tell you how great the cafeteria is at the Primary Children's Hospital.

My first real experience with this cafeteria was a couple of months ago when my niece, Jaycee, had to stay at the PCH for about a week. I visited her at night after work and while I was there, naturally, I got hungry, so I went down to the cafeteria to get something to eat. I was instantly hooked. The salad bar, chocolate ice cream and french fries are just spectacular! The next day I decided to visit Jaycee for lunch. I went up to her room, said hello and asked what everyone wanted for lunch, then I went downstairs to get the whole crew some lunch. That's how it went everyday for the next week. I ate 2, sometimes 3 meals a day at the PCH Cafeteria and I never got sick of it.

It was a bitter-sweet time for me when Jaycee got better and was able to leave the hospital. On the one hand, I was extremely happy that she was healthy again, but on the other hand I kind of wished that I still had a reason to visit the PCH.

Last night, as morbid as this may sound, I got a little excited when Amy told me she was taking Lincoln to the PCH. I know, I know - I'm a horrible person!

Of course I was concerned for little Lincoln and I didn't want him to be sick, but it's just the truth, I was excited to go to my favorite cafeteria. As soon as I got there, Jaycee and I headed off to get some dinner. It's not as if I'm alone in this love for the cafeteria either. Jaycee was excited because I told her she could have whatever she wanted as long as she picked at least 2 healthy items. Jarred was happy because the fries and the mozzarella sticks really are superb. Amy was relieved because for about an hour she didn't have to worry about Jaycee going stir crazy and bouncing all over the hospital room. And Bekah? Oh boy! :)

Now, for all you mothers out there: I really hope your kids are perfectly healthy and never need the services of the PCH. However, in case they do (heaven forbid) and you find yourself in need of a food delivery person, please call me, I am 100% happy to help in that department.

(I may have just gone too far with that one, but oh well, just putting it out there.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Office

I was tagged by Brittney to take 10 random pictures of your home and you're not supposed to straighten or clean anything. Afterwards you tag 6 more people.

Well since I live at my mom's house and all of my stuff has to fit in my 10x10 room, I figured that was boring and I would take this opportunity to show you what my office looks like. Besides my bed, I spend most of my time here anyway. It works, right?

This is my desk. I spend about 7 hours a day looking at this stuff.
This is my ginormous filing pile that I will put off until tomorrow.

This is one view from my windows. I actually took this picture a couple of months ago and I was going to do a whole post on how I find window washers extremely fascinating.

Who knows, maybe I still will.

This is my plant, Lazarus. I kill him about once a month, but for some reason he's still alive.

This is one of Jim's model cars, I just think it's cool.

The Fridge. One of my responsibilities is to keep it stocked with beverages.

This is the view from the kitchen window. There are hundreds of pigeons around our building. I've never had one come inside though.

Sitting area. This is where the guys sit around drinking their coffee, reading the paper and arguing about politics.

This is the women's bathroom on the 13th floor. Since I am the only woman who works on the 13th floor, I get it all to myself. :) It freaks me out a little when I can tell that someone else has been in there.

This is my neighbor's office, John Morgan. He's the nicest old man you'll ever meet. I pick up his mail for him because he spends his time playing tennis rather than at the office.

Okay, that is all. I'm going to tag Arin, Renee, Lindsey, Josh/Staci, Anna and Bri. Have fun with this. :)

Friday, September 12, 2008


My little brother, Mark, turned 23 today and I wanted to wish him a happy birthday.
Mark is so much fun - he is definitely in my top 3 of all time favorite brothers. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girl Friends

I'm the type of girl who gets along way better with boys than I do with other girls. Boys are simple and easy, while girls can be complicated and hard. Maybe this is completely selfish of me but I just don't want to deal with the cattiness and drama that most girls drag with them.

There was a short time in my life when I gave up on having girls as friends all together. I was 100% content with my sisters being my best friends and I had more than enough guy friends to temporary fill the void where my girl friends should have been. But then something happened and I realized that my boys could no longer fill that void. I'm sure there are a lot of you women out there who can relate to this need for a female friend. Of course I would have never come up with this on my own - no, no - it took meeting my very best girl friends for me to come to this realization.

Today I'd like to pay tribute to one of my Best Friends:


Arin's birthday was two days ago and I just wanted to let her know how much she means to me.

Here are a few ways to describe Arin:

Caring, Super Fun, Selfless, Daring, Hilarious, Spiritual, Loving, Spontaneous, Good Listener, Entertaining, Sporty, Sincere, Spunky, Geeky (in a good way), Empathetic, Honest, Enthusiastic and last but not least . . . a True Friend.

Happy Birthday Arin!

I love you so much!