Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Hate Sweater Fuzzies

Today I'm wearing this super cute new sweater "dress"
(side note: Forever 21 calls it a dress but it's really not, it's actually a shirt - just thought you'd like to know.)

I just looked down and found about a million little sweater fuzzies - which I hate! So after I picked them all off, I decided to tell all of you about my intense hatred for sweater fuzzies. I googled "Sweater Fuzz" in an attempt to find a visual example. However, while searching through the pictures that popped up, I came across this picture and I completely forgot about the sweater fuzzies:

Oh, how I love this movie. :)

Even just looking at the picture makes me laugh.

By the power of Greyskull!

Monday, December 22, 2008

White Elephant

Last Saturday was the annual Medicine Shoppe Christmas Party. I love this party and I look forward to it every year! We always have great food, fun conversations, and an exciting game of White Elephant. With some sneaky moves, Cal and I were able to go home with exactly what we wanted. Cal got his bobble-head Stewie and I got this Gingerbread People Puzzle. I've spent the last 2 nights trying to put all 1000 pieces together and I think I'll finish it tonight. :) So fun!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I'm pretty sure most of you already know what a Comic Book geek I am. Not only did I name my beloved Jeep after some of my favorite characters, but for some time now I've been planning on naming my first son, Bruce. I'm sure there are a number of questions flying through your head right now. The first probably being . . . Why? Perhaps because it's just a good, strong, masculine name. Or maybe because it's my father's name and I love my dad, so why wouldn't I name my son after him. Those are both really good reasons to name my future son, Bruce. (and yes, I realize that the fact that I've already picked out my unborn, even uncreated son's name, is a bit geeky in and of itself, but I'm a girl, and the truth is - girls do that) Very good reasons indeed. But is that the reason? No. The sad truth - the number one reason for naming my future, yet to be born or even created son, Bruce, is this: Batman aka Bruce Wayne aka my second favorite comic book character of all time.

Now, I bet you're wondering why I wouldn't name my first son after my favorite comic book character. Right? . . . Oh come on, pretend you were thinking that, okay? Well, to answer your non-existent question: Because there are some previously mentioned reasons why I should go with Bruce. Love you Dad! Besides, I'm pretty sure my sister, Mary, has already put dibs on the name Logan.

That's right, my favorite comic book character of all time is Wolverine. Hence the title for this post.

Wolverine has been my favorite comic book character ever since I was a little girl. I remember racing my little brother downstairs to get the best seat in front of our ancient t.v. so we could watch our shows. Duck Tales, Rescue Rangers, Tail Spin and of course, X-men. Wolverine was the coolest. I thought Gambit was incredibly hot, even for a cartoon. I even used to pretend that I was Jubilee because she was little, like me. I loved all of the other characters too, but it was definitely the cool, mysterious, Wolverine that got me sucked in. I was completely fascinated by his story.

That fascination has been with me ever since and is still with me today. Not only for Wolverine, but for all of the X-Men. Even after 3 X-Men movies have already been made, I still find myself wanting more. Today I got that "more" I was looking for. I don't think I will ever be satisfied, but for now this has quenched my thirst.

I just saw the trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. As I watched, chills ran down my back and I'm pretty sure there was a smile plastered on my face for the entire two point four minutes.

Hugh Jackman returns to his role as, James "Logan" Howlett aka Wolverine, a self-healer who is virtually indestructible. This prequel delves into Wolverine's unknown past to help us realize why he is the way he is and why he has no memory of his former life.

Jackman has some pretty hot company in the form of Ryan Reynolds who plays Deadpool, Liev Schreiber who plays Sabretooth, and Taylor Kitsch who plays Gambit.

I am so happy they finally included Gambit. I have been waiting for him to be in an X-Men movie ever since he was forgotten in the first one. Gambit is essential to my X-Men related happiness. I have extremely high hopes for this movie. And you better believe I will be there for the midnight show! If you would like to come with me, you are more than welcome. :)


p.s. - No, I don't care that little "Bruce" could possibly get punched on the playground for having that name. I'm not changing my mind. Besides, it builds character and will hopefully toughen him up.

Note to little Bruce: You may be reading this many, many years down the road. Just remember, if those bullies on the playground are pushing you around because of your name, you can punch them in the face. Go ahead and give them hell. You can do it, mommy said it's okay. Love you!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Skinny Jeans

Here's the deal:

I love the look of Skinny Jeans. I think they look really good on other people - no wait, better than good - I think they look Fabulous! I love the look so much that every time I go shopping I get tricked into thinking that I too, can pull of the skinny jean. I pick out a few super cute pairs to try and once I skillfully slide them on, I realize, for what seems like the 68th time, that no, Bekah, you can't pull off this look.

The problem? The ghetto booty. Yes. I will be the first to admit, I have a ghetto booty. Am I ashamed of my ghetto booty? No. I would much rather have this ghetto booty than have no booty at all. For example, my friend Zo, who I so lovingly refer to as an "ass-less wonder" has absolutely no booty at all. His pants are always falling down. I would just hate that.

Skinny jeans and ghetto booty's just don't mix. I have spent months and months looking for a pair of skinny jeans that look great but also sufficiently cover that area. I was just about to give up but instead I decided to give it one more shot. I found a pair online at Forever21.com. I know what you're thinking - that's a little bit risky buying a pair of skinny jeans online. You're completely right. It is risky! However, I decided that since they were only $12.50 (regular price!!!) that it was a risk I was willing to take. If I didn't like them I could always take them back to the store, right? No big deal.

The next morning I felt a little pessimistic about my purchase and even though I still had about a week to go, I began to mentally prepare myself for another disappointment. Then the best thing happened! Later that morning I saw my friend, Holly, and she was wearing the cutest skinny jeans. I asked her where she got them and she told me they were the exact same $12.50 Forever 21 pair that I just purchased online. That gave me such hope because Holly is 7 months pregnant and if she can look that good in skinny jeans, well then, maybe I can too. :)

My jeans came 2 days ago and I absolutely love them! I totally hit the jackpot! They're skinny enough to wear with boots but also look great around the booty. It's a Christmas Miracle!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A p.s. to that last bit.

p.s. -

I was 10 minutes late to work yesterday because I decided to support my dvd addiction by going to Target at 8:00 in the a.m. so I could buy The Dark Knight so I'd be prepared to watch it with all of my buddies, which I did later that night, and I've come to the conclusion that I still really, really love that movie because not only is it just plain old good entertainment but also because Christian Bale is really, really hot! (How's that for a run on sentence? HA!)

another p.s. that's not even slightly related to that last bit -

Something completely weird just happened to me. I was talking on the phone with one of our clients that smokes a lot and I could actually smell it! Weird, right? No, I'm not a crazy person that thinks you can smell people over the telephone. I just think that my brain has associated that smell with this man and when I heard his voice I remembered that smokey smell.

. . .

Anyway! It was weird, alright?!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Favorite Thing

I just had to share my new favorite thing with you.
As many of you know, I LOVE movies. I think I might be addicted for the following reasons:
1) Going to the theater to watch a movie is pretty much my favorite night out - and going to the midnight showing of a movie is even better.

2) I am constantly buying dvd's. They're not always movies that I've seen before either. I have a running list of movies that I want to see and if I find one of those movies for a good deal, I'll buy it, rather than rent it. In fact, just last night I bought a movie that I hadn't seen before and I was extremely pleased with that purchase. The movie? - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels - Assessment? - Brilliant!


3) I have been known to waste entire work days watching movie trailers. You know those people in the theaters who complain about the numerous amounts of trailers that are being shown before the featured film? Well, I am definitely not one of them. I get so excited and make mental notes (okay, sometime physical notes) of when each movie is coming out so I'm sure not to miss it.

So, with that said, I was delighted to find out that some of my old buddies, John and Cameron, have started their own movie critic TV show, The Cinematic Experience. I have always wanted to be a Movie Critic, but I didn't think I would actually be any good at it since I am a movie slut and I like most movies. If I ever am critical of a movie, you know it's got to be horrible. John and Cameron, however, ARE really good at it. They are able to disect a movie, give it a fair rating and keep the viewers entertained with witty banter.

Good job John and Cameron. :)