Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Family . . . Isn't it about . . . time?

35 years ago my parents decided to get hitched and start a family. We had a big, fancy ta-do to celebrate their anniversary. It was really special. I'd post pictures of that night but Mary hasn't given them to me yet. Instead I'll share a couple of funny stories from the last week.
Although it's crude, lewd and just uncalled for, I say the term "mother effer" a lot. I guess I figure it's better than saying the real term, but my mom feels otherwise. I said it in front of her the other day and she made a face and let out this disappointed sigh. I didn't know what the sigh was for because saying "mother effer" is just second nature to me now and sometimes I don't even realize when I have said it. Well I said it again about 2 minutes later and she let out another sigh. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she thought that term was just so offensive. I apologized and asked if it would be better for me to say "mother f" instead. She let out another sigh and said "no, it's the m-word that offends me". I laughed all night about that. Wait . . . I'm still laughing about that. :) I guess I'm only allowed to say "m effer" around my mom. HA!

On Monday night I drove up to my parents house to leave my Jeep there for Jarred. When I pulled up, my dad was outside and I told him I would need a ride back home. He said that we have a problem because my little brother, Mark, had his car up at his softball game. Then a huge grin came over my dads face. "We could go up there and take it" he said. This idea got him really excited because he ran into the house to get the keys right then. He told my mom about the plan to leave Mark stranded at the softball game and he was giggling the entire time. So I drove him up to get his car and when we got there he snuck out of my jeep and kind of looked around from side to side to make sure no one was watching him, still giggling. He got such a kick out of that. Oh Pops - what a silly dad you are.

My parents are so great. Thanks for sticking with us, Pops and Momma Rogers! :)

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jaime said...

Haha! You're parents are a crack up! They remind me of the two that created me :-)

Brittney & Morgan said...

When are you going to start blogging again??? I miss your posts!